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2009-2007 TP2 SCHEDULE

Time Monday Wednesday Thursday
6:00-6:45 PM 09GE, 09GEN 08BE, 08BEN 07GE, 07GEN
6:45-7:30 PM 08GE, 08GEN 09BE, 09BEN, 09BS 07BE, 07BEN

2006-2001 TP2 SCHEDULE

Time Monday Wednesday Thursday
6:00-6:45 PM 04GE, 04GEN, 04GEW 05GE, 05BE 05GEN, 05GS
6:45-7:30 PM 03GE, 02BE 02GE, 01GE 05BEN, 05BS
7:30-8:15 PM 06GE, 06GEN 06BE, 06BEN 04BE, 04BEN, 02BE

What is TP2?

AZSC Thunder Performance program is based off of a world renowned player development system. This system  focuses on taking the future athletes of tomorrow back to basics of moving efficiently while also incorporating the technical aspects and creating a program that focuses on the total player.

The TP2 program has 2 components to ensure total player development:

1) Thunder Technical Program

2) Thunder Physical Program

The Thunder Technical Program includes a series of technical activities that are run over the course of the year that focuses on 7 different technical tasks. Each of these tasks will be tested throughout the year to see player development and improvement.

The Thunder Physical Program includes both a fitness and speed and agility component. Each of these two components will be emphasized all year long. They  will be split into two different development stages according to age:

  • 2009-2007 Age Groups- Physical Development and Coordination
  • 2006-2001 Age Groups-Performance 

The physical development will be run by Coach Whellyn and the Performance will be run by Stacy at Field of Speed. All players are baseline fitness tested and then given a 6-8 week fitness program. After the 6-8 fitness program, players are tested again to see improvement and modifications to training and fitness routines are changed in order to maximize peak performance. All teams will work speed and agility 1x per week with their designated coach.

Why does my kid need this extra task? 

To be a good soccer player is not enough. Providing an affordable way to get better and give AZSC players the opportunities to compete. The game is growing to a new level and games are coming down to inches. Besides injury prevention, strength increases and power development we want to instill habits that will last past their careers in the game and into their adulthood. In addition to stretch and speed, the technical aspects of a player always need to be incorporated in order to maximize player performance.

So tell me more about the system? 

The system is built and broken down to help the movement of the player. Focusing on mobility and stability throughout the body. Developing the correct muscle groups through correct movement with plyometrics and running mechanics we can prep players for the environment they are about to enter in to. 

As I have heard some say "speed kills!" We have already received great feedback regarding the program and the training the kids are receiving. We hope that everyone is taking full advantage of participating and gaining the added benefit to our players.

Injury Prevention Analysis

Does your player have persistent injuries? 

Thunder is excited to continue to improve our TP2 program and now offer an Injury Prevention Analysis.

This will be offered by Combine Performance at their location. It is for any player looking to be evaluated for injuries and each player is given a plan to help prevent injuries going forward. Each player will also be working with Whellyn, our Performance Specialist, on their continued growth through this.

The cost for this analysis is $100 for the hour. This is a great addition to our TP2 program as we are always looking for ways to better our athletes and keep them on the field longer!

Here is the analysis break down:

Understand the clients profile will be the first portion. Combine Performance will gather basic information including body height, weight, segmental length, and background information, “past injuries”. 

The second portion will be going through a functional movement screening test with added motor control tests involved 

The third portion with be testing strength. We will test vertical jumping both Counter movement and non counter movement,  Lateral jumping, and broad jumping. 

The fourth portion will be recap and summarizing. Going over all the data that was collected and making sure the client knows what we have gone over. They will leave with a Range of Motion sheet personalized to there limitations with myofasical corrective exercises.

If any player is interested in doing this, here is the contact information for Combine Performance:

Address15270 N 83rd Pl #300, Scottsdale, AZ 85260

Phone(480) 256-8626