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The Tryout Process

Looking for more details about AZSC and what the Tryout process is all about? 

AZSC has concluded tryouts for this coming season.

If you are interested in being evaluated for a team, please email the DOC at or Raiff.Gwinnett@arizonasoccer

Link to the coaching list and contact info for each coach can be found to the left.

Academy and Thunder Program Overview

The Arizona Soccer Club Academy and Thunder programs are the fastest growing programs in the state of Arizona. 

We are proud to be a player development based club with the emphasis on individual and team development. We value developing the four pillars and creating the total player.

The following information details the Arizona Soccer Club's Training Programs philosophy on the topic of player development and winning. 

  • Player development and winning are often seen as two mutually exclusive concepts, with common perception being that one should be favored over the other. It is the Arizona Soccer Club's position that if the former is approached correctly, then the latter will evolve naturally.

  • Negative issues arise when the importance of winning is emphasized over that of player development. Focus is taken away from the evolution of the player and placed solely on the pursuit of positive short-term results.

  • Clubs can foster an appropriate balance in this equation by employing a player-centered philosophy, as opposed to one which is solely results-orientated

For more information regarding our programs, please click below for a summary of each program