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Spanish Soccer Camp

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Young players born from 2012 to 1998 can learn to play like the World Champions and experience 5 days of immersion in Rondo, Tiki Taka and Positional Play (Jeugo de Posicion).

These are the coaching methodologies, philosophies and principles of play that the best teams in the World have used over the last few years to achieve global dominance of the game.

Spain won the 2010 UEFA World Cup as well as two consecutive UEFA European Championships and their play is founded upon these principles over and above anything else. 

Your players will benefit from a fun, challenging and structured learning environment covering the following topics in-depth:

Camp Content

Monday - Rondo, Playing with Width & Depth & a themed Positional Small Sided Game to finish.
Tuesday - Rondo, Ball Circulation & a themed Positional Small Sided Game to finish.
Wednesday - Rondo, Dismarking from Defenders & a themed Positional Small Sided Game to finish.
Thursday - Rondo, Controlling the Tempo of the Game & a themed Positional Small Sided Game to finish.
Friday - Rondo, Finishing in the Final Third & a themed Positional Small Sided Game to finish.

Last year's Winter Camp sold out with 100 registered players. Please register early to avoid disappointment. 

Crossroads Park.

December 18th - 22nd (Monday to Friday).


Cost is $150 for 5 days.

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The man in the picture above is Pep Guardiola who, along with Johan Cruyff, is credited with revolutionizing soccer into the technical, position and possession oriented game that we see today from the top teams in the world.

He did it with Barcelona, German powerhouse Bayern Munich and now with Manchester City.

Rondo and Positional Games (Juego de Posicion) were their most effective weapons in their endeavor to transform the game into what we now see and love. 

Come and learn these philosophies and methodologies with us. Register here.

More than ever before, the modern game calls on goal keepers to, not only be great with their feet but also to, be able to play like an 11th outfield player.

More often than not, a team now rebuilds play by passing back to their goal keeper and asking them to be the first play maker so it is essential that they understand the game on the granular level.