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Grass Roots Program (GRP) (Ages 3-13)

WINTER Registration NOW OPEN

To Register your child(ren) or Log into your family account, please click on the Registration link to the right.  

Please know that your child's registration is not complete until payment has been applied to the registration.

Winter registration now open!

Winter Season starts January 13, 2024

Winter Season ends March 2, 2024

NOTE: Clicking on the above link will transfer you to the AZSC GRP Registration site.  

Want to Coach?

Please click here to sign-up as a volunteer Coach

GRP Overview

The Grassroots Recreational Program is for players from 3 - 14 years of age and is for players who want to have fun and learn the fundamentals of soccer.

The AZSC Grassroots Recreation Program (GRP) curriculum follows AZSC's philosophy based on the Developmental Model from US Soccer that emphasizes a developmental sequence of acquiring technical skills and tactical concepts according to each child’s level of ability, interest and maturity.

Our Grassroots philosophy is dedicated to empowering our volunteer coaches with an array of information, instruction, concepts, theories and specific traits to help each player establish a foundation of fundamental skill on and off the field with the ultimate goal of strengthening the culture within AZSC and US soccer from the ground up.

The GRP curriculum provides its volunteer coaching staff with a specific pathway for the duration of the 8 week program. The quality of this relationship directly affects overall success, strengthens the emotional intelligence of its members and fosters the sense of P.R.I.D.E. (Passion, Respect, Integrity, Discipline and Excellence) throughout the entire club.

AZSC has dedicated its efforts to the development of youth soccer players, while providing opportunities which promote healthy living, good sportsmanship, and the establishment of leadership skills.  AZSC encourages its players to use soccer as a vehicle to pursue an education and create a foundation for their future on and off the pitch.


  • Gilbert GRP League: Fall, Winter & Spring seasons
  • Chandler GRP League:  Fall, Winter & Spring seasons
  • Queen Creek GRP League:  Fall, Winter & Spring seasons

Registration Costs:

  • Ages 3 to 13 years old
  • Regular Registration:  Cost $120.00
  • Sibling Discount:  $5.00 off per player
  • Late  Registration:  Cost $145.00 per player no discounts

Registration Includes:

  • Full Uniform (jersey/shorts/socks)
  • Personalized Team photo/individual photo (A $15 Value! another AZSC Difference!)
  • Personalized Trophy or Medal
  • FREE player clinic 


Gilbert GRP League

  • Fall, Winter and Spring Seasons @ Crossroads Park

Chandler GRP League

  • Fall, Winter and Spring Seasons @ Pima Park

Queen Creek GRP League

  • Fall, Winter and Spring Seasons @ Mansel Carter Oasis Park

Age Brackets 2023-2024

Birth Year
Age Bracket
Small Sided Games
Goal Keeper
Playing Minutes
Break Minutes
Ball Size
Goal Size
Offsides Rule
2020 U4 3 yrs 4v4 No 4 x 8 5 3 4 x 6 No No
2019 U5 4 yrs 4v4 No 4 x 8 5 3 4 x 6 No No
2018   U6   5 yrs 4v4 No 4 x 8 5 3 4 x 6 No No
2017   U7   6 yrs 4v4 No 4 x 8 5 3 4 x 6 No No
2016   U8   7 yrs 4v4 No 3 x 15 5 3 4 x 6 No No
2015   U9  *** 8 yrs 7v7 Yes 2 x 25 10 4 6.5 x 18.5 Yes No
2014   U10  *** 9 yrs 7v7 Yes 2 x 25 10 4 6.5 x 18.5 Yes No
2013   U11  *** 10 yrs 9v9 Yes 2 x 30 10 4 6.5 x 18.5 Yes No
2012   U12  *** 11 yrs 9v9 Yes 2 x 30 10 4 6.5 x 18.5  Yes No
2011   U13  *** 12 yrs 11v11 Yes 2 x 35 15 5 8 x 24 Yes Yes
2010   U14  *** 13 yrs  11v11 Yes 2 x 35 15 5 8 x 24 Yes Yes
U = Under: U4 = Under 4 years of age, 3 yrs old 
*** Teams are formed as all boy or all girl teams

Age Brackets may be combined so that AZSC can provide the best playing experience for our players

More Information and Questions

For answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) for Registration & Season information and more click on the GRP FAQ's link

To learn about being a Grassroots Parent Volunteer Coach, please click the Coaching Resources link.