Style of Play

Unlike most, Thunder Academy policies and Club Tactical Development are applied across all teams. All teams and coaches must adhere to this philosophy. If you watch older Thunder teams, they all play the same style. Our trademark style of play is confidence with ball, good dribblers, shooters and offensive minded.

Thunder style of play will be very distinctive because its possession and offensive oriented character; attempts on goal arise thru the use of possession, switch the point of attack and know the time to go forward with the ball. The ball is moved spontaneously, with lots of individual-based play. Thunder teams and players will take it to the extreme with their improvisational and free- flowing play is based on possession soccer regardless of the position of the ball within the field.

This requires a high level of technical skill, time and dedication from every player. We challenge ALL our players to not just kick the ball, but to receive it and keep it away from the other team until an opportunity to score is realized. The reason we teach possession and offensive minded soccer is because it is the basis for building the fun in the game, technical skills, which in the long run is the basis of creating good soccer players and teams. We encourage players to take risks and be creative without fear of losing.


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