Thunder Program Information

General Thunder Information

Thunder Program Fees
04 - 00 Teams - $1,350 (Fee does not include uniforms ~$300, tournament fees or team based events)  
·        Year round program
·        3 days of training
·        Crossfit fee additional for gold teams 01-96
05 Teams, 99 - 96 Teams - $1,000 (Fee does not include uniform ~$300, tournament fees or team based events)
·        Year round for all ages, except high school teams
·        2 days of training for 05 teams
·        High school age teams train 3 times a week. With hiatus during high school soccer season
·        Players not involved with high school soccer have option of additional Thunder training (they will incur additional fees)
·        Crossfit fee additional for gold teams 01-96
AYSA Academy Program 08-06: $750 (Fee does not include uniforms ~$300, tournament fees or team based events)
·        Year round program
·        2 days of training for academy
This is a new program set by AYSA that emphasizes player development over team development. The primary focus will center on the technical development of each child without the pressures of short term wins / losses / results.
*All Credit Card Transactions Are Subject To A 3% Fee
**Uniform Cost approx. $300.00 for New Players
Thunder Player Development
In Season:
·        Training sessions: 2/3 times per week. Topics are based upon curriculum and are age appropriate
·        Player evaluations: 2 evaluations by Thunder coaches and reviewed w/ parents
·        Goalkeeper training: 2 times per week with 1 day of team training
·        Classroom sessions: On occasion and when appropriate
·        Advisory nutritional program set by AZSC affiliate
·        Training Sessions 01-96 can be 4 times per week, all other teams move to 3 times per week except for 06-04
Off Season
·        Technical training with small sided games and in-house scrimmages during the off-season: June and July 
·        2 times per week on skills                                                                                                                               
·        Age group training will be with mixed ages.  Throughout the summer training sessions will be with different Thunder staff coaches
Thunder Program Objectives
The Program is designed for total player development from both an individual and team perspective, by equipping the player with the necessary skills to pursue soccer opportunities in high school, Olympic Development Program, college and at the professional level. AZSC will work to foster a culture for the love of the game in each player that will stay with them beyond their playing career. At the U-13 age group we will emphasize competition and the mental aspects of the game to win.
Thunder Coaching Philosophy & Experience
Exceptional instruction, communication, knowledge of the game and continuing education are the pillars of our Thunder Coaches’ philosophy. The Thunder program advantage is the number of gifted, capable and licensed coaches and professional trainers on staff. Our coaches’ credentials and experience range from USSF A, B, C, D and E and NSCAA Premier. We have on staff, former college players, former pro players, USSF instructors, fitness specialists, college coaches, high school coaches and many former international players.  
Thunder Gold & Blue Teams
Gold Teams:
·     Additional Time / Fee for Crossfit Training
·     Competitive Training Environment
·     Merit based playing time
Blue Teams:
·     Primary focus is on development, improving skills and gaining experience
·     Playing time is spread more evenly than on a Gold team
Q & A
What are the Thunder Fees?
$1350 per year for 04 - 00, $1,000 for high school players and U-9. Uniforms are bought separate. Scholarships are available on a need basis acquired by application.
What do my fees go towards?
Coaching fees, field fees, referee fees, league fees, insurance, equipment, paint for fields, shed rentals, restrooms and office expenses.
What is the Thunder Season?
May tryouts, June & July summer skills, season 1 begins in August and ends in November, and season 2 is January to March. 4 to 6 tournaments will be mixed throughout season.  Training in season is 3 days per week and games on weekends except age’s u-9 and below training will be 2 days per week
What is the Thunder program about?
1. Excel technical proficiency, creativity, and decision making of each player.
2. Provide consistent club communication between coaches, players and parents to work collectively to further player and team development.
How can Competitive soccer benefit my child?
If your child has the desire to learn the game it is important to teach the technical skills at the younger ages. Consistent high level training will help build proficiency and instill habits for future success.
AZSC Philosophy of Player Development
The Arizona Soccer Club Programs offer each level of player and opportunity to learn and compete while focusing on the overall aspects of player development. We provide opportunities to promote healthy living, good sportsmanship and leadership skills through the game of soccer. Our teams strive to represent Passion, Respect, Integrity, Discipline and Excellence, P.R.I.D.E.
The objective for our coaching staff is to enable each player to be attacking no matter what position they are playing. We desire our players to be knowledgeable of systems of play, positions, and game concepts. Apart of this knowledge each individual player should be aware of what movements to make on the ball and off the ball. Defensively we want to train hard working players that win balls and are able to attack 1 v 1 or have the ability to combine out of pressure. Technically our goal for Thunder players is to have confidence on the ball and have the capabilities to impact any team on an individual basis. Possession and transition will be a base of all of our Thunder team’s style.
Arizona Soccer Club offers a variety of programs that cater to each level of player. The foundation for each program is player and coaching development. It is our objective that each program filters into the next level program and we build as a club from our grassroots forward. The following are our program mission statements:
Our Grassroots philosophy within AZSC is dedicated to empower our volunteer coaches with an array of information, instruction, concepts, theories and specific traits to help each player establish a foundation of fundamental skill on and off the field. The ultimate goal is to strengthening the culture within AZSC and US soccer from the ground up. The assisted lesson plans will emphasize a developmental sequence for learning the skills of the game and aid in coaching education.
Bolt will provide an environment that is conducive to the continued development of the individual player technically, tactically, psychologically, and physically. Bolt will provide a stepping stone to those players coming from the Grassroots Program and who have the drive and desire to continue into Thunder. Bolt will provide an avenue for players and coaches to take their game to the next level through additional education, training, playing, and competitive opportunities.
The AZSC Thunder Program focuses on the development of youth in soccer where players will receive age appropriate training and playing opportunities under the direction of dedicated and licensed coaches on a consistent basis. We provide opportunities to promote healthy living, good sportsmanship and leadership skills through the game of soccer. Our teams strive to represent Passion, Respect, Integrity, Discipline and Excellence, P.R.I.D.E. The Thunder Program has its own curriculum inspired by US Soccer. Through strong technical methods of teaching our players are able to reach their next competitive level. Our coaching philosophy is to recruit and maintain coaches with the right balance of teaching, coaching, playing and technical experience to be a THUNDER coach; therefore, differentiating Thunder from all our competitors. The focus is on the joy of play and the development of technical skills. In addition to training given during the soccer seasons, players in the Thunder program will be encouraged to enroll in summer camps, winter development clinics, fitness programs and other programs that will aid in their development.
The Thunder Academy Program or TAP is an advanced, progressive approach geared to enhance selected elite AZSC players through the four pillars of the game: Technical, Tactical, Physical and Psychological through another level of training in addition to their weekly training regimen. Through TAP’s specific regiment, players will be challenged, encouraged and expected to improve their overall abilities and to perform at the games highest levels. Players will be placed in to unfamiliar situations, asked to perform new duties, take on different roles and be fully responsible for his or her own competitive performance with in this environment as well as within their own designated AZSC Thunder teams.


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