Technical Corner


What is it?

            The technical corner encompasses two different technical competitions. One is the AZSC Juggling Club. The Juggling Club is set to help motivate the players to improve their juggling skills. There are certain juggling stages that correlate with a prize. The higher the amount of juggles the bigger the prize! The second technical competition is the monthly technical workout. This will include a series of fast foot work drills completed in a certain amount of time. If you complete the drills at a specific level, then an award is given out!


Mission Statement:

            The AZSC technical corner was designed to provide young players an opportunity to achieve technical goals outside of normal practice time on their own. This will enhance self-motivation and instill dedication, personal responsibility, competitiveness, and pride in their improvement as a soccer player. It was also designed to help enhance parent involvement in the technical development process of their child.


Goal of Technical Corner:

            The goal of the technical corner is to not only get these young athletes playing and training more on their own but it is also to provide discipline and self-motivation to improve. By competing in the technical corner, the players will begin to see their technical abilities improve. It is also to increase parent involvement in their childs development as a soccer player and keep them actively engaged in the process.


Requirements to test for the Juggling Club and Technical Challenge:

-        Must keep a player journal that contains at least 10 individual sessions outside of training that last between 15-20 minutes. Must have a parent signature to verify.

-        Player can only test at the end of the month and must schedule an appointment with Lindsey Johnson (Lindsey.johnson@arizonasoccerclub.com)

-        Player can only test once a month

-        Player has two attempts to reach goal during the testing session


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