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The State "Youth Modules" Level I and II The mission of the National Youth License and the State Youth Modules is to provide the most current and advanced information on growth and development of the youth soccer player. The youth soccer player is defined as any child from pre-school through adolescence. The course takes the approach that the GAME WITHIN EACH CHILD is at the center of all belief, decisions, and actions taken by the child, coach, and organization. It is the ultimate goal of youth soccer development within the United States to unlock the game within the child to reach their full soccer potential.

"The US Soccer Youth Coaching Courses are dedicated to the children, parents, and volunteers whose participation is essential to the development of the world's game in the United States"


Coaching youth players requires bringing the game to life in a child's world. The information and demonstrations will assist you with your coaching endeavors. This philosophy will allow youngsters to play, learn, grow, and enjoy soccer in a non-threatening environment. These four elements should be central to every decision and action taken by coaches and organizations devoted to youth soccer.

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