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Bolt Program Scheduled for November 2015


2015 Fall Season for Returning Bolt Players and Parents

The BOLT program is a segway for our players in the Grassroots Recreational Program that have the desire to move into our competitive Thunder program.  Below you will find a breakdown of the program and some detail. Here at AZSC we are always trying to give our players the best possible environment and options to continue in the game of soccer and life. 

Bolt Mission 
BOLT will provide an environment that is conducive to the continued development of the individual player technically, tactically, psychologically, and physically. BOLT will provide a stepping stone to those players coming from the Grassroots Recreational Program and who have the drive and desire to continue into the Thunder competitive program. BOLT will provide an avenue for players and coaches to take their game to the next level through additional education, training, playing, and competitive opportunities. 
General Information 
• Eligible Players: U10-U12 boys and girls (Jr./Sr. Grassroots Recreational Program and new members) 
• Player Placement: Teams are formed by a BOLT coach and the AZSC pro staff 
A one year commitment before transitioning into Thunder. This program is designed for those kids who want more out of soccer, but the player and/or family is not ready to fully commit financially or time wise to the competitive Thunder program. It is cost efficient and will prepare the player for the next step in their soccer career. We as a pro staff will work closely with the BOLT coaches and teams. We are a community at AZSC and we want to provide the best opportunity to all kids and help them reach their ability and desire of play. Please let me know if you are interested in joining this program and I will help you get with a team of the appropriate age and with a coach that is forming a team for that gender and age group. 

Friday October 24th - FREE Bolt Clinic for interested coaches, parents & players at Discovery Park from 6:00pm - 7:30pm.

For more information on BOLT you are welcome to contact the BOLT Director Chelsea Buckland at

AZSC BOLT Program is coming in November!  For more information about having your player or team participate in the BOLT program click our BOLT link or