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AZSC Season Etiquette, Field Maps and more...

Etiquette, please remember:

1) All trash, ie: water bottles, bottle caps, straw wrappers, must be picked up & disposed into the trash containers. This is your community park & we need to leave it  clean.
2) Please drive slowly through the parking lot. Small children are hard to see when they pop out between cars.
3) Watch your children around the lake/water.
4) HOME vs AWAY teams - FIELD LOCATIONS: The home team, along with its fans, will sit on the south or east side of the field. The away team, along with its fans, will sit on the north or west side of the field. Click for:  Home and Away Field Layout for Coach, Team & Spectator seating.
5) Good Sportsmanship; Good sportsmanship is about all persons, players, parents and coaches, demonstrating a positive & respectful behavior towards everyone.  
- Players & Coaches - Click for Coach Sideline Behavior Guidelines - Shake hands or high five, the opposing team after each game, players and coaches alike and congratulate each player with a positive word of encouragement, such as "Good Game!"
- Parents & Spectators - Click for Positive Parenting Sideline Behavior Guidelines - Displaying good sportsmanship, respecting the team coach and not coaching from the sidelines, cheering and encouraging your players!
6)  Most Important - Create a fun atmosphere for everyone!

Safety, please remember:
1) Do NOT allow your children to climb on the goal posts. There are sharp hooks on the posts that can severely cut a child.
2) Jewelry is NOT ALLOWED during play
3) Hats are NOT ALLOWED during play
4) No toe cleats. (ex: anything that has a single toe cleat in the front)
5) Shin guards must be worn (under socks) at all times
6) No Dogs are allowed at the fields/parks

Lost & Found
- AZSC Information Tent has a Lost & Found box. If you have found a lost item please bring it to the AZSC tent. We receive many email and phone calls regarding lost items and would like to return them to those who lost them.  

Spring Season Field Maps:  COMING SOON!
Gilbert - Crossroads Park Field Map

Thank you for participating in the AZSC Grassroots Recreational Soccer League!   We look forward to seeing you out on the fields!

The Arizona Soccer Club is dedicated to establishing traditions
that inspire a sense of PRIDE:

  • Passion -- An attitude that promotes excitement, enjoyment and the love of the game
  • Respect -- A spirit of sportsmanship and teamwork that promotes healthy competition
  • Integrity -- Instill values that promote strength of character
  • Discipline -- Develop technical skills and tactical understanding enabling players to reach their highest potential
  • Excellence -- Equip coaches, volunteers, players and parents with exceptional instruction, resources and
    customer service to create a positive experience for competitive and recreational soccer