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AZSC Academy &  Thunder Pro-Coaching Staff:

Access to our Academy & Thunder DOC's is available to our GRP coaches for questions related to coaching and team practices.

Reuben Ndely - AZSC GRP Coach Training Coordinator,
Beny Sanchez - AZSC Academy Director U6 - U9,
Lindsey Johnson - AZSC Thunder Girls DOC,
Paige Carmichael - AZSC Thunder Boys DOC,
Chris Meador - CSA Premier Coach & Director,

GRP Coaching Education:

AZSC GRP Coaches Clinic
AZSC GRP Age Bracket Rules & Specs

GRP Coaches Weekly Curriculum, Weeks #1 - #8: 

GRP Introduction to Training
GRP Week #1
GRP Week #2
GRP Week #3
GRP Week #4
GRP Week #5
GRP Week #6
GRP Week #7
GRP Week #8

Additional GRP Weekly Team Practice Activities:

GRP - Training Key for Diagrams
GRP - Movements w/Ball, Juggling, Gates
GRP - Movements w/Ball, Possession w/Ball Dribbling & Shielding
GRP - Coaching Goals for Recreational Level per Age Bracket
GRP Weekly Training -
Classroom Session #1
GRP Weekly Training #2 (A) 
GRP Weekly Training #2 (B)
GRP Weekly Training #3
GRP Weekly Training #4
GRP Weekly Training #5
GRP Weekly Training #6
GRP Weekly Training #7
GRP Weekly Training #8

GRP Coaching Guidelines:

AZSC Guidelines for Coaching a Team Short on Players
AZSC Guidelines for Not Running Up the Game Score

AYSA - Coaching Course


US Soccer is pleased to introduce the USSF National "F" License.  This is a two-hour course, conducted entirely online, intended for all parents and coaches of youth players.  The focus of this grassroots course is to share US Soccer's "Best Practices" in creating a fun, activity centered and age-appropriate environment for 5-8 year-old players.
For more information and to complete this course, CLICK HERE


GRP Website Library, for Coaches and Parents:

US YOUTH SOCCER -  Age Group and Small-Sided Games Mandate from U.S. Soccer SEPT. 2015
US YOUTH SOCCER - US Youth Soccer statement on U.S. Soccer’s birth-year registration mandate

US Youth Soccer Coaches Connection Training Activities US Youth Soccer - Fuel Magazine
US Youth Soccer Newsletters - Monthly Newsletters

US Youth Soccer - Recreational Coaching Education - Great Weekly Resource for U6+ GRP Coaches

Coach Training Website - Footy 4 Kid's
Youth Soccer Coach - Sharks & Minnows
Youth Soccer Coach - Breakaway
Youth Soccer Coach - Pinnie Ball
Youth Soccer Coach - Knights and the Castle
Youth Soccer Coach - Monkey in the Middle

Healthy Half Time Snack ideas - About Health
Goal Nation - NUTRITION TIPS: SHOULD YOU EAT BEFORE A GAME? US Youth Soccer - Four Ways Youth Parenting Can Help or Hurt a Child's Experience

US Youth Soccer - 3 Ways Parents can help their Athlete Handle Disappointment & Adversity 
US Youth Soccer - Avoid Trying to Coach Your Child After a Game
Kelly Gray Sports - The Great Debate - Development vs Winning
Johnson Soccer Club - Soccer Sideline Etiquette
Changing the Game Project - 3 Words Every Athlete Needs to Hear