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What are the Perks and Benefits of coaching with AZSC?

Arizona Soccer Club relies on parent volunteer’s to coach our Grassroots Recreational soccer teams. To help you consider coaching your players team(s) AZSC would like to share with you some of the perks and benefits of coaching with Arizona Soccer Club!

The AZSC Coaching Benefits include:

1) Coach Discount – given out at the Mandatory Coaches Meeting - ONLY

a. U4 coaches = $10.00
b. U5 + coaches = $20.00

2) Coach determines practice day(s), time and location

3) NEW Coaches receive - Coaching bag with cones, first aid kit and ball pump ILO coaches discount if desired.

4) Opportunity to coach your own child(ren).

5) Coaches receive a complimentary coach and child picture on picture day.

6) AZSC Pro-Coach Training Clinics - One prior to season start and a second clinic during the season. Free Coaches T-shirt for attending!

7) Access to AZSC GRP online coaches training curriculum with practice drills, online videos and more.

Mandatory Coaches Meeting – Meetings are scheduled approximately 2 weeks prior to the start of the season. Meeting date will be emailed to all confirmed coaches approximately 2-3 weeks prior to coaches meeting.

If you are interested in coaching please request to coach your child’s team during the online registration process or contact us at or phone us at 480-332-4716.

Mandatory Coaches Training Clinics – All coaches training clinics are run by AZSC Pro-Coaches, from our Thunder Competitive Academy. The first clinic is schedule to be one to two weeks prior to the start of the new season. The second clinic is scheduled during the season. Dates, times and location will be emailed to all coaches. All coaches will receive a FREE coaches T-shirt for attending!

GRP Recreational Coaches Training Class & Meeting

AZSC Grassroots Recreation parent volunteer coaches meeting and coaches training clinic information can be found below.

AZSC hosts a Coaches Meeting and Training Clinic to help you be confident and successful as a GRP coach. AZSC also has online curriculum that will help you to understand practice drills and more. The information required to obtain this information will be share with all confirmed AZSC GRP coaches.

Mandatory Coach Meetings

Gilbert - SPRING Season
When: Tuesday March 24th 
Location: Gilbert Library - Greenfield and Guadalupe Roads
  • U4 - U8 coaches from 6:15 pm - 7:00 pm  
  • U9 - Jr High coaches from 7:15 pm - 8:00 pm

Mandatory Coaches Training Class

The AZSC GRP Coaches Education Training Class date for Gilbert & Queen Creek are listed below. For all AZSC coaches this is a mandatory class. During the class you will be taught age appropriate drills and lesson plans for your team practices. Please wear cleats or running shoes, for drill exercises and additional on field training.
For additional training, or coaching assistance, please contact 

Gilbert - SPRING Season

When: Tuesday March 31st
Location: Crossroads Park
Time: 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm
For additional training, or coaching assistance, please contact 

AZSC GRP Weekly Coaching Curriculum & Education Resources

Click to access the "Coaches Training Curriculum"  to view each weeks weekly curriculum & additional coaching resources.

Click Here to Review the GRP PowerPoint Presentation that was presented at the Coaches Meeting - Coming Soon!

Motivational Trophy for Player Reward & Development 

Motivational Trophy - A creative way to acknowledge your players for specific achievements is to honor them with a motivational trophy.  The motivational trophy is designed to be a rotating trophy that is given to one child a week for their special achievement.  The trophy is returned the following week to be given to another child to receive.  Click here for more information - Motivational Trophy List, Customized Trophy Selection

Soccer Patches - Another idea for player reward and development are "Soccer Patches".  Award a patch to each child for special achievements.  The kids can then have the patch sewn onto their uniform to show off their achievements.  Click here for website ordering - Soccer Patches

Captain Bands - Weekly ask your players to reach a goal at every game.  Then reward the player that gave it their all, toward reaching that goal, the rewarded of wearing the captains band for the next week.  For the first game ask them to give heart during the game and the player who has given heart is rewarded.  This reward is about developing the player, challenging the player to grow, and rewarding the efforts of the player.  The captain band is worn by the kid that gives the most effort on the pitch.  It is very important that it doesn't go to the "best" player but the one that tried the hardest that week.  This is a great motivator for the kids because they all want the opportunity to be captain.  The best question after a game is who is going to be captain next week?  

Practice Field Reservations

Gilbert - Crossroads Park - Spring 2015 Field Reservations and Map